MeloDonG Studio

Create Life with Melody

We are making games, we are doing digital marketing, we are trying to bridge the gap between the right information and the audience.

What Are We Doing?


Mostly Casual Games.
IAP and IAA.

Performance Marketing

App and game promotion with direct and SSP traffic.
CPI, CPE, CPS supported.


Carrier targeting campaign marketing.

MeloZen Bidder

Bidder connect game/app, direct SSP and Ad network with oRTB, tag and API for traffic media buy.

MeloZen Adx

Programmatic Ad-Exchange platform based on openRTB.
People-based traffic filter and control to max monetize traffic.

Digital Marketing Consulting

One-Stop marketing solution consulting and operation for app and game developers

Our Games

Let’s discuss about game publishing, direct monetization,  user acquisition, co-development.

Our Solution Provider

Open Talk on any game distribution channel, cloud/server provide for game and ad platform, developement management tools or any solution.

Our Digital Marketing Client

Let’s discuss more with direct advertiser and media agency/ network cooperation.